The Big Switch!

The Big Switch has arrived! I’m not only referring to the new book by Nicholas Carr, that has just appeared on my desk, but also to my change of mind about blogging and my company’s change of direction.

This will be the first and last entry about me – to set the scene around the content of this blog. I’ve been a blog cynic for many years now, wincing at the content of most but occasionally reaping great insight from some. The good ones are passionate, relevant and insightful, ‘Rough Type’ is a great example. I won’t offer examples of bad ones!

I hope to share some of the passion Arjuna folks have about technology through this blog. I’ll talk about what we are doing and why we are doing it. I hope to encourage some discussion around our ideas and I’m ready for criticism as well as compliments.

Right now however, I’m off to read ‘The Big Switch’. Providing infrastructure to smooth the move towards utility computing is closely related to what we are doing here in Arjuna. I’ll post my thoughts on the book soon and start sharing our ideas around Agile IT infrastructure.

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One Response to “The Big Switch!”

  1. Justin Souter Says:


    Great stuff, just checking out your website whilst I prep for my Cloudcamp talk…

    See you soon

    p.s. are you on Twitter? loll ;-D

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