Agility Alpha release

We’ve just released Agility as an alpha version to ‘lighthouse’ customers – early adopters that are working with us on PoCs/Pilots. It’s an exciting time as we are starting to get real traction around the fundamental concepts embodied in the product and the chance to talk about real use cases.

It’s been nearly five months since my last blog entry – far too long! But the last few months have been really busy. As well as developing Agility, we’ve been talking at conferences and telling analysts about the novel ideas behind Agility. We’ve also been building relationships with early adopters and, if you add to this, the fact that we’re currently raising another finance round you’ll get the picture.

But the good news is that we’ve taken Agility out of the demonstrator and into the customer site. This alpha release is solving real problems for customers. We’ve summarised our initial case study on Rozmic Wireless where Agility manages a SaaS deployment – managing a private cloud and cloudbursting onto the public cloud under the control of automated policy. We’re also contracted to a public sector organisation and we’ll describe how Agility resolves those particular issues soon.

With the alpha release you can manage your own hardware and software resources as a private cloud and then cloudburst out to the public cloud for scalability (and for fault-tolerance). You can insert your own policy to manage how and when you scale your applications, control which resources are used for what purpose, control load-balancing, insert specialist debug and monitoring at run-time, and do a whole lot more! Agility let’s you start small and add resources incrementally to take more and more advantage of cloud technology. All this without impacting upon your legacy systems.

Although the types of resources you can manage is still limited for this early release, and management consoles have relatively simple functionality, you can still use the alpha to get started in the cloud and begin to appreciate the power of the platform that Agility delivers.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of cloud computing using Agility then please contact us. We’d be happy to help you plan a PoC/Pilot using this alpha release. We plan to release a beta in August with full GA in January 2010.

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