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IT efficiency is key to Carbon Reduction success

October 26, 2010

Reducing energy consumption poses many difficulties for large complex organisations. Consumption is often difficult to track and energy reducing campaigns, although they might demonstrate short-term success, may not be sustainable.

IT can consume a significant percentage of an organisation’s energy (just look around your own office to make a rough estimate). It is also notoriously inefficient, often operating at 10% utilisation or lower and wasting in excess of 75% of the energy consumed.

Fortunately, unlike most other forms of energy consumption IT is inherently capable of accurate measurement and of automated control. By utilising these features measurable and immediate savings in energy consumption can be delivered that dwarf the efforts of campaigns to modify employee behaviour by switching off lights etc. Energy savings on IT of 20%-50% are readily achievable, often without significant effort.

At Arjuna we’re using cloud technology to help organisations utilise their existing IT more efficiently so that energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

Key to the success of our strategy is the fact that energy saving is the secondary benefit of introducing cloud technology; the primary benefit is the increased efficiency of IT in terms of both service delivery and of cost. This means that the organisation doesn’t have to sell a campaign to its employees – everyone benefits from improved IT, including the environment